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My Childhood Pets!

Weekly Topic: Do you have any pets? Tell us about them with pictures!

Mar 17, 2019 | 4 Comments

I don't have any pets now, but I had many pets growing up.

I had 2 dogs (not at the same time). They were both Australian shepherds. My first dog was named Pepper. You can see her in the main photo. Sonic looked like Pepper, but he was a male. This is him:

I also had many, many guinea pigs. You can see some of them in the main photo. I took my guinea pigs to shows and sometimes won prizes with them. My guinea pig that won the most prizes was this one:

I also had a pony named Pony. She was old and hairy, but so adorable! (Adorable means very, very cute.) Unfortunately, I don't have a digital copy of a picture of her, so I had to take a picture of a picture...

Do you have any pets? Please tell me about them or post their photos!

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