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Ahlgrens bilar - The most sold car in Sweden

Weekly Topic: Tell us about popular candies and sweets in you country/region!

Feb 12, 2019

Did you know that Sweden is the nation which eats the most sweets in the whole world?
The most popular way of choosing the sweets are "Pick & Mix" where you let yourself lose to choose from your own favourite sweets. 

And if I could choose anything from the Pick & Mix shelves I would choose the Swedish "BILAR" (cars). I'm not talking Volvo or Saab which originated in Sweden. I am talking small, green, pink and white, chewy cars. Unfortunately living in Spain (how is that unfortunate?) I have to get to the Swedish shop (yes, there are a few of them here) and buy them, in bulk :)!!! 

Ahlgrens bilar is in Sweden known and marketed as "The most sold car in Sweden".

Another Swedish favourite of mine is "Marabou" chocolate. It goes under the brand name Marabou and tastes divine. It's very nice with coffee which we Swedes tend to drink - a lot!

Children in Sweden buy "lördagsgodis" - "Saturday Sweets" which means that most of the children are only allowed sweets on a Saturday. This almost makes the process of the "Pick & Mix" concept holy. 

Maria's Recommendation: 
Pannacotta made of Ahlgrens bilar 
A piece of Marabou Chocolate together with your coffee in the afternoon.



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