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500レッスン達成 | 500 Lessons Completed

Oct 11, 2018

みなさんこんにちは。なんと、月曜日に、Cafetalkでの500回目のレッスンを完了することができました! さらに、生徒さんからの評価コメントも50以上いただいております。とても嬉しいです♪



今年からは主に家で前職の仕事を続けながら、語学講師をしています。いわゆるフリーランスになりました(。・ω・。) そして、来年からはもっとおもしろいことにも挑戦しようと考えています!


Hello! How are you? I’m so happy to announce that I had the 500th lesson on Cafetalk on Monday! And I’ve got more than 50 lovely feedback comments from my students!!

My first student here was a girl from Taiwan, and unfortunately she took my lesson only once. The second one was an English man and he did twice. Well, it’s not so easy when you start something new.

The third student though was from France, and he continued taking my lessons for a long time:D He studied and practised hard, so his Japanese got much more natural and fluent. It made me feel teaching was my vocation. I do remember all the students though, and truly thank them a lot.

From this year, I’m working independently as a teacher while working for my previous company at home. It means, I became freelance:) Yay! And I’m planning to start something exciting from next year, too.

As I wrote, I thank my students as well as Cafetalk staff. And I hope to have new and old students who wish to improve their Japanese or English. Let’s create great lessons together! See you in the lesson!!

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